Introduction & Information


BlueStar is a boutique management firm and landscape services company focused on supporting golf course owners and community developers in the execution of their resort and golf amenities.  Our expertise is in all aspects hospitality management, including golf, spa, food & beverage, community clubs, and more, and we also provide full-scale landscape services to numerous communities in Arizona.  On the Resort & Golf side, the BlueStar portfolio spans literally from Orlando to Oahu, with many beautiful locations in between.

BlueStar focuses on exceeding the expectations of residents and guests operationally, as well as our partners and clients financially.  There is only one currency of value within our team – results.  And it will be this passionate commitment to delivering excellence that has been the platform from which BlueStar has grown from a small group of 8 golf courses to a portfolio of more than 30 leisure experiences and another dozen+ communities under landscape management.

Why BlueStar?

Simply put, BlueStar is able to offer a holistic solution for all of the lifestyle-management needs of a golf course owner or community developer, from delivering a great golf, restaurant, spa and community club experience to residents, to maintaining all landscape within a community, to implementing programs that convert day guests to lifelong residents.  Whether the ownership horizon is measured in decades, years, or just months (in the case of many receivership properties), we are a partner that can consistently deliver on pre-determined objectives.  It's what we do better than anyone else.  Oh, and by the way, we do it for less than you're probably paying right now - with or without a management company.